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Why I Decided to Start This Business

I have always loved to write.


Granted, in my younger years it was Harry Potter fanfiction (excuse me while I die of embarrassment), and then eventually writing my own stories during NaNoWriMo and MayNoWriMo. Never was able to finish one though.


Just FYI: there are gonna be a lot of screenshots of my old Facebook posts in this post, and none of them use capitalization because I thought it was ~cool~. I was also an emoji-abuser. Old me makes me cringe so hard. My deepest apologies for what you just saw and what you’re about to see.

Eventually I moved past fiction and decided to embrace writing non-fiction. I was always a really strong writer in school, and when I found out that you could actually make money to write stuff on the internet, I was totally sold.

I wrote a few pieces for the now-defunct Yahoo! Contributor Network, but eventually moved on to TextBroker, where I made my way up to a 4-star rating (holla) and wrote several pieces over the years. Usually when I was broke and I really needed to come up with some quick cash.

text broker

From 2014-2017, as a newlywed, freshly-graduated dietitian, and first-time mom, I didn’t do a lot of writing honestly (and I had just written a 150-page Master’s thesis, so I was pretty tapped out). I did some free stuff and volunteered for the nutrition newsletter at my job, but that was about it.

I also started and abandoned dozens of blogs. I’m sure you can still find some of them floating around the internet, with only a post or two before I gave up.

However, earlier this year I got a great opportunity to be a contributor for Healthline Nutrition, which I consider my “big break.”

Since I joined their freelance team in March, I have produced at least one article per week. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different editors, to seriously beef up my writing skills, to learn more about the “behind the scenes” work that goes into these websites, and to learn to gracefully accept and appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. My skills have seriously improved.

Now that I’ve been a regular contributor for a while, I’ve seen more and more doors open up to write elsewhere. I’ve remembered just how much I love to write, and I realize now that I have something valuable to offer. And that I absolutely can succeed.

So… I started a business. I’ve got this amazing chance to build my dream job from the ground up, combining writing and nutrition… and I’m going for it!

I think young SaVanna (even though she was really embarrassing) would be proud.


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