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10 dietitian-approved, alcohol-free drinks for your red & gold Super Bowl party

Today I’m bringing you some healthy red and gold drink recipes created by my fellow dietitians that are PERFECT for a Super Bowl party crowd. I’ll also share some easy ways you can even further reduce the sugar in these recipes.

Here we go!

1. Spicy kombucha margaritas

I absolutely love this recipe by Leanne Ray because every. single. ingredient. is a nutrition powerhouse. Combining lime, blackberries, and jalapenos – all rich sources of antioxidants – with kombucha – a good-for-your-gut fermented tea that I’ve talked about before – practically makes this drink a health tonic.

It also sounds delicious, and like it would be a perfect contrast to rich, fatty Super Bowl party snacks like wings, jalapeno poppers, and chips and dip.

2. Non-alcoholic pomegranate mocktail

This super-easy pomegranate mocktail recipe comes from Laura Yautz. Throw all the ingredients in a punch bowl and you’re all set – it’s pretty, tasty, and bubbly, too!

Pomegranate makes a bold and unexpected punch flavor and gives this drink its deep red color. Because of its antioxidant content, pomegranate juice can actually help lessen the blood sugar impact of high-carb foods like white bread.

Scroll to the end of the article for some handy tips on how to further reduce the sugar in this recipe to make it work for a low-sugar lifestyle!

3. Strawberry-rhubarb syrup

I love the combo of strawberry and rhubarb, and now thanks to Judy Barbe I am craving some strawberry-rhubarb pie. With the addition of balsamic vinegar and black pepper, this simple syrup is perfectly tangy-sweet.

This easy-breezy recipe can be used in so many different ways to make a tasty Super Bowl drink. However, the minimal-effort, maximal-flavor way – as Judy suggests – is to simply pour some sparkling water over the syrup and serve cold. Sounds great to me!

Also, rhubarb and strawberry are naturally lower in carbs than some other fruits and veggies, so it’s really easy to make this recipe sugar-free: just replace the sugar with your preferred sweetener. I recommend Natural Mate Monk Fruit (a monk fruit-erythritol blend), but many people like Swerve (100% erythritol) or Pyure (a stevia-erythritol blend).

4. Refreshing beet lemonade

To be quite honest, I am NOT a beet person. (Please don’t beet me up over it!) But this beet lemonade recipe from Chrissy Carroll looks so good and would be such a great way to sneak some veggies into your Super Bowl party – because we know no one’s gonna touch the veggie tray, let’s be real.

According to Chrissy, the nitrates found in beets can even help increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles, so this lemonade can boost your physical endurance. If you’re doing a lot of jumping up and down and screaming at the TV, this could definitely come in handy.

5. Rosemary-pomegranate spritzer

This recipe comes from a fellow Chiefs fan, Bethany Frazier. Clearly, she has excellent tastes. I never would have thought to put rosemary and pomegranate together, but the combo sounds super dreamy.

Rosemary is a really powerful aromatic herb that has a ton of health benefits. It’s antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial, and may also kill cancer cells and help protect your liver from oxidative damage. It also tastes really good, although I’m a chump who’s only ever used it to make French fry aioli. No longer!

As with Judy’s strawberry-rhubarb syrup recipe, you can easily replace the sugar in this recipe with stevia, erythritol, or monk fruit.

6. Tropical green tea-sangria mocktail

Amy Gorin is coming in clutch with one of only two gold-hued drinks on my red-and-gold drink round-up. Thanks Amy! These tropical flavors have got me ready to plant my butt on the beach (with a cup of this drink in my hand, of course).

Green tea is insanely good for you. Because of its high catechin content, it’s highly anti-inflammatory, helping to prevent and treat problems of pretty much every organ and organ system in your body – including your brain.

The bromelain found in pineapple is similarly anti-inflammatory and health-promoting, so this punch really delivers a one-two punch (ha).

7. Tart cherry spritzer

Rebecca Clyde is behind this simple but stunningly elegant 3-ingredient drink.

It contains Montmorency cherry, a tart cherry that is being studied for a whole host of potential benefits like decreasing blood pressure, improving post-exercise muscle recovery, physical AND cognitive performance, preventing bone loss from aging, preserving vascular function, and promoting autophagy.

I’ll drink to that!

8. Non-alcoholic holiday sangria

This beautiful punch recipe is brought to us by Melissa Nieves. It’s an alcohol-free take on a traditional Spanish drink, sangria – which is usually made with red wine.

This one instead is sweetened with 100% fruit juice and loaded with fresh fruit and star anise – which gives it a little hint of a licorice taste. The cranberries that star in this drink are loaded with antioxidant proanthocyanidins, which can help treat and prevent urinary tract infections, gastric infections, and oral infections.

9. Ginger-lemon kombucha cocktail

This cocktail from Chelsea Amer is actually made with vodka, but you can easily replace it with tea or sparkling water for a dazzling mocktail.

Like Leanne’s margarita recipe above, it features kombucha – a fermented tea full of healthy gut bugs. Paired with ginger, a scientifically-proven stomach settler, this drink may just be the perfect antidote to an upset stomach after over-indulging on party snacks.

10. Watermelon-mojito kombucha mocktail

The final drink I’m sharing with y’all today is this mondo-refreshing, low-sugar mocktail from Julie Harrington.

Made with watermelon kombucha, lime, and mint, it’s bright and punchy and bursting with good-for-you nutrients and health-promoting gut-bacteria. You could also make endless variations by simply choosing new kombucha flavors!

Huge thanks to the 10 lovely dietitians who contributed to this post!

Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar in Drink Recipes

You’ll notice that many of the recipes above use 100% fruit juice as a sweetener as opposed to sugar, which is definitely commendable! However, if you follow a low-carb lifestyle like me, even fruit juice is too sugary. Here are some easy swaps to replace the fruit juice and drastically decrease the sugar in these recipes:

  • Flavored sparkling water or a naturally sweetened soda like Zevia
  • Water lightly sweetened with erythritol, stevia, or monkfruit – with a couple drops of a fruity flavor extract if you have one on hand
  • Herbal or fruit-flavored tea, brewed strong and lightly sweetened with one of the sweeteners above, like Great White Grape (for grape juice), Pineapple Waikiki Black Tea (for pineapple juice), or good old Red Zinger.

Key Takeaways

Three key takeaways here: (1) There are plenty of crowd-pleasing, healthy, and alcohol-free drink options for your Super Bowl party, (2) it’s really easy to even further decrease the sugar in these recipes, and (3) GO CHIEFS!!!!!