Hey, I’m SaVanna!

I’m a registered dietitian and freelance health and wellness content writer. Maybe you’ve seen my work before on Healthline or Greatist.

Being a dietitian and a writer is the perfect combo of two of my greatest passions in life: food, and working in loungewear.

Personally and professionally, I am absolutely OBSESSED with how profoundly food affects health. I’ve written about food and brain function for Toggl (the time-tracking app), and about food and immune health for Healthline. The keto diet is also a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, and I love writing about (and trying) new healthy and functional drinks.

But mostly, I love working alongside brands and wellness professionals to help them create an online presence that’s trustworthy, informative, and uniquely them. (Oh, and that gets them found on Google!)

Peep my portfolio to see more examples of the type of work I do.

The Nitty Gritty

I’ve been a registered dietitian nutritionist since 2013, and I’m a licensed dietitian in the state of Arkansas. I earned my B.S. (ha) in Nutrition and Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University, and completed my dietetic internship and my M.S. in Human Nutrition (with a concentration in clinical dietetics) from The University of Southern Mississippi. Before making the leap into full-time writing in August 2020, I spent several years working in public health, hospitals, and dialysis units.

Want to learn more about how I can boost your EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) on Google? Email me!

Fun Facts

  • My home is in the lovely, underrated state of Arkansas with 3 dogs, 1.5 kiddos (maternity leave incoming in January 2021), and a handsome fella I get to call my husband.
  • I decided to become a dietitian because of my own personal struggles with my weight, stress eating, and sugar addiction.
  • Yes, that’s a capital “V” smack dab in the middle of my name. You can thank my momma for that one.

And that’s plenty about me! Now let’s talk about what I can do for your business.

All the best,
SaVanna (1)