Hi! My name is SaVanna, and I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and freelance beverage writer. I live in the Little Rock, Arkansas area with my husband, son, and 3 dogs.

I have been freelance writing off-and-on for 10 years, and I officially launched this business in 2019. In addition to being an RDN, I have a Master of Science degree in nutrition and over 7 years of experience working in hospitals, dialysis units, university settings, and public health.

In my time as a dietitian, I have cultivated a very strong desire to help people make better food and drink choices. I also care deeply about holistic wellness – which includes not only diet, but exercise, sleep, stress management, relationships, faith, and financial health.

I hope to help your company position itself as an authority in the wellness or healthy food and beverage market.

All the best,
SaVanna (1)