SaVanna Shoemaker, RDN


I’m SaVanna, a freelance writer and dietitian. Personally and professionally, I’m obsessed with low-carb eating, nutrition and mental health, and all things cooking. Being a writer AND a dietitian has allowed me to combine my two greatest passions in life: food and working in loungewear.

I live in the U.S. with my amazing husband, our dinosaur-obsessed kindergartener, and our sweet-natured baby girl. When I’m not writing for clients, I’m cooking, hangin with the fam, at church, reading, attempting to garden, or homeschooling. Gotta stay busy!

Although I’ve been writing professionally for over 10 years, I officially launched my writing business in 2019 and was able to take it full-time in August of 2020. Whether you need health and wellness writing, fact-checking or editing, or even recipe development - I’m your girl!

Here’s why you’ll like working with me

Health expertise

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2013, and I have a Master of Science degree in human nutrition. According to Google, my creds make your website’s health content more trustworthy.

Writing experience

I’ve been writing for websites since my college years, and now I’m a regular contributor at Healthline and Greatist - so I’ve got serious writing chops. I’m obsessed with keywords, synonyms, and em-dashes, so you don’t have to be.


I strive to be insanely, over-the-top easy to work with. I'm happy to hop on a call with you, I don't miss deadlines, I won't blow up your email, and you can always trust me to get it done.