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Text reads "What Are Black Soybeans?" and there is a photo of Mexican style black soybeans with cilantro and lime on a white plate.

Black Soybeans: Nutrition, Carbs, Prep, & Mexican Style Black Soybean Recipe

Missing beans on keto, or plant-based and looking for a new whole foods protein source to mix it up with? It might be time to give black soybeans the ol’ college try. What are black soybeans? Black soybeans are exactly that: soybeans that have a black exterior. With the exception of their darker-colored hull, though, they’re pretty identical to conventional yellow soybeans. They’re low in carbs and loaded with protein and fiber. The magic of these soybeans is that they have a milder, more bean-like taste than the regular ones – which makes them the most perfect low carb substitute

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