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A photo of black soybeans with a lime wedge on a white plate. Text reads "What Are Black Soybeans (& Are They Keto)?"

Black Soybeans: Nutrition, Carbs, Prep, & Taco Night Black Soybean Recipe

Curious about black soybeans and if they’re keto-friendly? Read on! As a Southern girl, I love beans. They add so much heartiness to winter and fall foods, and they make the best cold salads for the summer too. Not to mention, they’re like little pillows of flavor in whatever you add them to. Sadly, beans are pretty high in carbs. So, I had to say farewell when I switched to keto. (Not gonna lie, though, I do indulge in a good bowl of bean-full taco soup when my parents’ make it while I’m visiting. Life advice: never turn down a

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